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I will be relaunching my blog, giving it a cleaner, more organised look!

I am still working on it. To be honest, there is more work in redesigning a blog than I was expecting, even though I installed an already made theme. I have already migrated my followers from here to the new address. If this is your first time here, please subscribe to be notified as soon as the blog goes live!


Outfit: Blue Bird Blouse

blue bird shirt, coffee

I realised I have quite some patterned blouses, such as the kitty shirt and this dark blue blouse with white birds. I like patterns because they liven up the outfit and it’s easier to make it look fancy. Once you have one of those blouses, you can just pair them with simple jeans and shoes and you’re done! Perfect for a lazy morning where you don’t find anything to wear.

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France Diary: Day at the market

strawberries, south of france, market


We spent the last day in France at the market in Pezenas, followed by a coffee in the centre and a walk through the narrow streets and shops crowded with tourists. I went crazy over the stands full of olives and tapenade, the fresh strawberries and flowers. It was great that the weather was super sunny, even though the day started to be rather windy. Continue reading

Recipe: Tomato Mozzarella Bruschetta

So I have been making this tomato mozzarella bruschetta for a long time. It’s very easy to make and rather fast for something that I could call ‘cooked food’. It can be a snack, a starter, or a full meal (in this case I serve it with a big salad)


  • 2-3 Tomatoes
  • 125g Mozzarella
  • 4 slices of bread
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Balsamic vinegar


  1. Preheat the oven at 170° C.
  2. Cover a tray in baking paper.
  3. Cut your bread/baguette in slices and arrange them on the tray. Drizzle some olive oil on them and put in the oven for around 10 minutes – or until the bread looks golden.
  4. While waiting, slice the mozzarella and the tomatoes.
  5. Peel some garlic (depending on your tastes).
  6. In a bowl, mix the slices of tomato (you can also chop them if you wish) with crushed garlic, oregano, olive oil and balsamic.
  7. Don’t forget about the bread in the oven! After the 10 minutes are done, add the mozzarella slices and then leave again for 5 minutes – or until the cheese is melted.
  8. Then add the tomato slices and leave 1-2 minutes in the oven.
  9. Enjoy! 🙂

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France Diary: Winery

winery, france

Outside the first winery – the weather was quite chilly and windy that day

One day we had lunch at a nearby winery and later we visited a different one. The lunch was delicious – started with zucchini with tomatoes, tapenade and anchovies. The main course was veal with pasta risotto and my desert was a Nespresso gourmand – an espresso accompanied by little sweet things. Continue reading

France Diary: Day at the Beach

beach, cap d'agde, sun, sand, sea, france, south of france, vacation

Beach in Agde

You cannot go to the South of France and not pass by the beach at least. Spent a few hours on a beach in Agde, felt the hot sand and sun, took a dip in the clear cold shallow water, and tanned for a few hours. After the beach, we headed for Cap d’Agde, so we can have lunch. When we arrived there, a wine expo has just been opened – VinoCap – with more than 100 wineries being present.

on the road, cap d'agde, palm tree, summer, france, sea, beach, south, holiday

On the way to Cap d’Agde

cap d'agde, port, south of france

Cap d’Agde

As I was especially craving sea food, I went for the fisherman’s salad. This was actually in the starters section, but I found it filling enough for me. Maybe it was obvious that both the salad and the sea fruit & rice part would be cold, but I was kind of expecting the latter to be warm. Either way, it was delicious.

sea food, fisherman's salad, fish burger, cap d'agde, summer, france

Fisherman’s salad & fish burger with fries

As a desert, I took a scoop of ‘ourson’ ice cream with whipped cream. Found out that the ice cream had little marshmallows in it. I haven’t mentioned how windy, sunny and crowded it was? Taking photos was a bit of a struggle, as I could barely see if the photos I was taking were ok. When I went to the restaurant, I discovered that the photos I took of the boats in the port were incredibly blurry, because my settings weren’t properly set! 😦 At least I got myself some tan and delicious food 🙂

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Mint inspiration

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the mint colour! I’ve been crazy about mint for around 2 years. I even asked my bridesmaids to have their dresses in mint. I personally find this colour perfect for those who are not fans of pinks. It’s perfect for those who love blue, green, turquoise and everything in between. If you’re looking for a new colour to love, definitely give a try to mint!

mint inspo, mint, nailpolish, inspiration, mint collage

Mint inspo

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