Fashion and Marketing

Chanel Supermarket (A/W 14/15) [Image credit: BuzzFeed]

Chanel Supermarket (A/W 14/15) [Image credit: BuzzFeed]

I have been interested in fashion. And marketing. My studies have been quite inclusive – I combined a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a Master in Languages and Communication. I did have one course in marketing, quite short though. As I am currently working in communications, I have decided to expand my knowledge into the field of marketing. But considering my work schedule (+language classes, and gym – when I’m not lazy), I found that MOOCs (Massie Open Online Courses) are a great way to study. Yes, there is a certain timeline, with deadlines, quizzes, homework, video lectures every week – but there is a certain freedom.

If you are interested in fashion and marketing, here are the courses that I started (and really hope to finish too):

1. Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies (Università Bocconi)

Started on the 3rd of October, on Coursera. Watched the first week of videos so far – it is a great introduction to what is fashion and what is luxury. More to see in the upcoming sessions.

2. An Introduction to Marketing (University of Pennsylvania)

Started on the 14th of October, on Coursera. I already started this one before and I really enjoyed it – but I had to stop it as I was writing my thesis. Now I caught another session and I will stick to it. I can say that from what I’ve seen the first time, the professors are really good, with concepts being clearly explained and illustrated with examples.

3. Digital Marketing (University of Southampton)

Started on the 13th of October on FutureLearn. Haven’t started it yet, but I will surely enjoy it.

Have you tried before MOOCs? What do you think?


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