Blogging class

My little fashion diary blogging class

Emilie/My little fashion diary [Image credit]

Yesterday afternoon I attended my first blogging class, by Emilie / My little fashion diary, in Luxembourg City, at the private club House 17. I registered for this class, as I wanted to see and hear in person the tips and tricks of professional blogging.  The class was around 1h30min, but gave a good step-by-step overview of blogging, taking it from buying the domain and hosting, to details such as SEO and proofreading. It really felt different from simply going online and typing on Google ‘How to blog’. To every topic she was discussing, she was adding her personal experience and she was patient in responding as detailed as possible to the questions from the audience.

Blogging Class House17

Emilie on basic photography tips [Image credit: HOUSE 17]

As I am always excited about gifts and goodie bags, I was really happy to see what our teacher prepared for us –  macarons from Ladurée, cosmetics from Anick Goutal, sparkling wine, 10% discount at Smets, a drink voucher at go Ten, a back-up battery from Kniep and two magazines: Luxuriant and Janette. As I usually take Luxuriant magazine every time they are out, I now have two copies but the Janette magazine, I somehow did not manage to get my hands on it.

Blogging Class goodie bag

The goodie bag

Unfortunately, I left right after the class ended, even if the other students went to the bar of the club to continue the conversation. I hope they really had fun. Emilie’s honesty, ambition and and excitement for her job was what will keep me motivated, and I am definitely looking forward to her future blogging classes.


4 thoughts on “Blogging class

  1. I attended Emilie’s blogging class at first session, and I also agree that it was very interesting to listen to her, she really loves her job, and I was happy she put everything in the order, because then I saw that I skipped few important steps 🙂

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