T.G.I.Week-end: Japanese Commercials + Nutella Sweatshirt

Christmas presents

Christmas presents (Image credit)

Last minute preparations before holidays + work  led me to this small but delightful fun-filled TGIWeek-end. Enjoy this sunny Sunday morning (at least here in Luxembourg). And stay tuned for a Christmas inspiration post part 2 🙂

Rilakkuma drinks

Rilakkuma drinks (Image credit)

  • Have you ever watched Japanese commercials? Some months ago I found a YouTube channel that posts all the commercials, sorted by week/month
Nutella sweater

Nutella sweater (Image credit)


Nutellasagna (Image credit)

  • Coming back to Nutella and chocolate, this nutellasagna is what dreams are made of.
Girls Season 4

Girls Season 4 (Image credit)

  • Any of you fans of the Girls series? IF yes, then I bet you can’t wait for January 11 for the 4th season premiere. Until then, have a look at the trailer.

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