Switzerland diary: Zürich

zurich 2_1000px

Beautiful Zürich

Spent the last days of December and the New Year’s in Switzerland, with the first stop in Zürich. There was a LOT of snow, cold but pleasant weather, and a beautiful old city centre.  They also have amazing grocery shops (i.e. Globus, where they had the most refined foods and drinks). And amazing art in their Modern Art Musem; during the first day of the year, I enjoyed admiring the great works of several of my favorite artists (e.g. Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol) and also a Brancusi sculpture. It is not the first time this happens to me – several times I was visiting museums outside of Romania and stumbled upon one of his great works – everytime pleasantly surprised and proud :). Oh, and also discovered the Cabaret Voltaire, basically the birthplace of Dadaism.





Swiss seagull

Swiss seagull

blue cow_1000px

A flying blue cow

frozen fountain_1000px

Frozen fountain


Pineapples in the Globus grocery store


Fancy decoration in the Globus grocery store


On the way to the Museum of Modern Art

brincusi bird in space_1000px

Constantin Brancusi – Bird in Space

cabaret voltaire_1000px

Cabaret Voltaire

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