5 ways to recharge



Monday was just a few days ago, and your work week is not over yet. You feel down, tired, stressed and the week-end is way to far away? You feel like you need a vacation right now? I have 5 tips for you to recharge, break the routine and feel fresh.

reading books

Read a book [Image credit]

1. Read a book. We all have a list of books we want to read and it always seems like we don’t have any time for them and time just passes by. After dinner, make yourself a cup of tea, grab a cozy blanket and immerse yourself in a new book from your list.

relaxing bath

Take a relaxing bath [Image credit]

2. Take a relaxing bath. You know that bath bomb you got long time ago that looks too pretty to be used? Yes, that one – use it now. You deserve a colourful, delicious, relaxing bath. Can be combined with reading a book.

watching sex and the city

Binge watching ‘Sex and the City’? [Image credit]

3. Binge watch. As with books, I bet you have a list of movies or TV series that you feel like you have to see (if you are one of those hasn’t watched ‘Friends’ or ‘Sex and the city’, now is your time). Just like with books, watching a movie/episode can relax you.


Tiramisu & Coffee [Image credit]

4. Eat your favorite dessert. Yes, we all have that one time a week when we eat our favourite dessert, because that’s our cheat day. But if eating a piece of tiramisu or a mini Magnum ice cream makes you happy, then why not? Can be paired with binge watching, but be careful to switch to fruits or tea after your little dessert.

unplug from technology

Take a break from technology [Image credit]

5. Disconnect. After work, don’t forget to turn off your email notifications. To really relax and enjoy me time, take a break from social media and your phone (especially if you are reading a book or taking a bath). Nothing bad will happen, trust me 🙂

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