Must-see European museums: part 1

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The Louvre

For the past 10 or so years, I have been travelling a lot. And more importantly, I have visited some amazing museums in Europe. It is hard for me to choose my favourites, as all those that I  have seen exhibited works of art that I had seen only in art albums when I was little. I will try to pick those museums that really took my breath away, that really struck me.

birth of venus, art, florence, botticelli, rennaissance, italy, firenze

Botticelli – The Birth of Venus

1. Galeria Uffizi, Florence, Italy. I visited it in the summer of 2007 whilst on a family trip in Italy. I remember we queued for several hours, but the wait was worth it. I was in love with Rennaissance art & Florence is definitely the perfect place for it. I have seen many, many famous works of art of Botticelli, Titian, El Greco, Raphael, Caravaggio, Da Vinci and so on. But I remember that what made me stand still for a good 10 minutes or so was the ‘Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli. I had been obsessed with it, and was considering it one of the most flawless paintings. I stood in front of it in awe, admiring it and soaking in it beauty. Because I knew it wouldn’t see it again for a long time. Definitely worth it!

2. Louvre, Paris, France. I visited Louvre in a rush – it’s a huge museum and I did not have time to see almost anything. I really wanted to see the Mona Lisa – to see more how people stand around it, taking photos of it and with it. Yes, it is a beautiful painting, but having such a crowd around it ruins the process of admiring it. In Florence, is wasn’t crowded and I could admire in silence. Here, I could barely take a photo of it and I can’t even find it anymore. I will have to pass by the Louvre again in the future, so I can properly explore it.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Tower of Babel, Vienna, art history museum, art, museum, flemish art, austria

Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower of Babel

3. The Art history Museum, Vienna, Austria. If you are a fan of Flemish and Dutch painters, this is one of the museums you have to visit. There you will see the famous Babel tower by Bruegel, as well as his other paintings depicting life in the countryside. If you are a fan of Italian Rennaissance art, you will find there the fruit & vegetables portraits from Arcimboldo.

This is just a small fraction of my favourite European museums, and I am working on a second blog post with more suggestions.

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