Beauty essentials

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My everyday beauty routine.

My everyday beauty routine is quite simple and takes a few minutes – enough that I feel fresh and ready for the day 🙂

  1. Face cream: L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection. To be applied on a clean skin. Hydrate the face and wait.
  2. Concealer: Lancôme Effacernes Longue Tenue. Apply several layers under your eyes, waiting a bit in between.
  3. Foundation: Sephora (brightening & hydrating foundation). I found it’s best when applied with a brush.
  4. Powder: Sephora (smoothing & brightening powder)
  5. Mascara: Maybelline falsies waterproof
  6. Lipbalm: eos summer fruit. Found it nowhere in Luxembourg. So far I saw it in shops in Vienna & Hong Kong.
  7. Lipstick: Sephora lipstain. Best lipstick I tried so far: long lasting colour and doesn’t stain your coffee cup so much 🙂
  8. Perfume: Chanel no. 5.

What are your beauty essentials?

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