France Diary: Pool Day

palm tree, beach, pool, summer

My view while tanning and enjoying the sun

Relaxing and enjoying the sun by the pool can really recharge your batteries. Having a sip of wine and tanning makes it extra special. Wishing I had a pool at home, but with the changing weather in Luxembourg and not-so-long summer, I am not sure if it’s worth it.

wine glass, holidays, fake nails, nails art, pool

Cheers to holidays!

nail art, pool, nails, fake nails

I put on fake nails for the wedding and I kept them for a few more days

nails, pool, holiday, vacation, nail art

…and I loved how they looked under water

roses, summer,

There were also these absolutely stunning roses

Do you know any pools or aqua parks in or around Luxembourg? 🙂

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