France Diary: Day at the market

strawberries, south of france, market


We spent the last day in France at the market in Pezenas, followed by a coffee in the centre and a walk through the narrow streets and shops crowded with tourists. I went crazy over the stands full of olives and tapenade, the fresh strawberries and flowers. It was great that the weather was super sunny, even though the day started to be rather windy.

It’s a rather small village, but there are some shops that are simply amazing. A huge shop selling olive oils, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables conserved in jars. A shop selling amazing leather hand made bags. One selling all the candies and chocolates you could find.

oysters, south of france, market


jams, confitures, south of france, food, market

Jars with confinade

garlic, ail, south of france, market

Prettiest garlic

flowers, market, south of france

The flower part

olives, south of france, market

Olive Stand

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