Nomination / Liebster Award

Liebster Award
After I joined a few blogging groups on Facebook, I stumbled upon the ‘Liebster Award’. What is it actually? An award for new bloggers with a small following. Once you are nominated, you answer the 10 questions you are given and then give 10 more questions for the 10 bloggers you nominate.

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Fashion and Marketing

Chanel Supermarket (A/W 14/15) [Image credit: BuzzFeed]

Chanel Supermarket (A/W 14/15) [Image credit: BuzzFeed]

I have been interested in fashion. And marketing. My studies have been quite inclusive – I combined a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a Master in Languages and Communication. I did have one course in marketing, quite short though. As I am currently working in communications, I have decided to expand my knowledge into the field of marketing. But considering my work schedule (+language classes, and gym – when I’m not lazy), I found that MOOCs (Massie Open Online Courses) are a great way to study. Yes, there is a certain timeline, with deadlines, quizzes, homework, video lectures every week – but there is a certain freedom. Continue reading