5 productivity tips to jumpstart your day

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Cozy workspace [Image credit]

We all want to get done as many things as possible, but we only have 24 hours. You are always wondering – how can some people get so many things done? Seems like their days have 48 hours, but in reality it’s just their ability to organise and focus. For this purpose, I have gathered 5 productivity tips that will jumpstart your day! Continue reading


Why you really go to the gym

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Get out of your comfort zone [Image credit]

Some time ago I posted a motivational blog post about why you should go to the gym and why it’s good for you. But sometimes, there are *other* reasons that make you get out of your comfort zone and go; and you still get the benefits I mentioned before (health, happiness and confidence). I am sure I’m not the only one. Have a look 🙂
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