10 infused water recipes you should try now

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Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

You know you have to drink your 2l of water every day. But it can get boring and you want to have some flavor. Have you tried infused water? It has so many benefits – allows you to drink your daily dose of water, keeps you away from sodas,  provides you with vitamins and it is very refreshing. Continue reading


5 productivity tips to jumpstart your day

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Cozy workspace [Image credit]

We all want to get done as many things as possible, but we only have 24 hours. You are always wondering – how can some people get so many things done? Seems like their days have 48 hours, but in reality it’s just their ability to organise and focus. For this purpose, I have gathered 5 productivity tips that will jumpstart your day! Continue reading

5 Reasons why we love coffee

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Coffee & Macarons

I believe that coffee is something that either you love, either you hate; not really in between. I believe that coffee is sent from the gods to help us deal with this world and make our lives easier. There are so many reasons coffee is pure perfection. Holding a cup of hot coffee can instantly make the world a better place.
Continue reading

Recipe: Cherry Muffins

cherry muffins, muffins, cherries, fruits, desserts

Cherry muffins

I had some cherries in syrup from my mom and I wanted to bake a cherry cake. But then I thought – muffins are better, as they are already portioned; so you don’t overeat (which is totally wrong anyway, but I tried). With this in mind, I got cute pink muffin molds from IKEA – they also had blue ones on display, but they were nowhere to be found (*sigh*). The recipe below should be fine for 9 muffins. Continue reading